Academic Component

The academic component is the biggest part of the competition. It has five different cases, each based on real issues companies are facing. During case resolution, students must come up with innovative and realistic solutions in order stand out in front of a panel of judges made up of market professionals. The five (5) academic cases of the 18th edition of the HRM Symposium are the HR Mandate, the Human Resources Management Case, the Collective Bargaining Negotiation, the Academic Quiz and the Crisis Management Case.

Crisis management

The crisis management case is a case study written in collaboration with an organization and will address a fictional or real crisis situation. The different teams are invited to answer a mandate involving problem solving, organizational transparency, corporate image and / or public relations. They will need to present their solution to a panel of professionals.

Academic Quiz

Built to be a speed contest, the academic quiz will test the general knowledge of students related to the field of human resources. Just like a tournament, teams must win the round in order to move on to the next one in the hopes of reaching the grand finale. This case allows students to deepen their knowledge of human resources by studying textbooks and articles related to their field.

Collective negotiation

The collective negotiation case involves two teams, one as the employer party and the other as the union team. Teams are required to negotiate different terms of a fictitious collective agreement. This case is an introduction to collective bargaining principles and allows students to better understand the strategies that can be put in place during a negotiation.

Human Resource Management

The case in human resources management is the most complete case but also the most demanding. This case allows students to work on different areas of human resources management applied to a specific problem of a real company. The case allows participants to combine their human resource their knowledge and their skills as a strategist and speaker to offer the panel of judges a solution that will brilliantly meet the mandate.

HR mandate

The HR Mandate (formerly known as the surprise case) is a case specifically adapted to portray reality of business administration students by including an entrepreneurial HR problem to the case. Students will have to use their human resource knowledge as well as their entrepreneurial spirit to propose solutions that meet the needs of either start-up companies, companies with an important organizational change or companies in major restructuring. The case leaves room for creativity and innovation while being realistic and adapted to the business world. Unlike other cases, the HR Mandate offers a resolution period of 15 days prior to the competition to student to prepare their case.

Contribution and immersion Component

The contribution and immersion components has been developed to train a new generation of professionals who are actively involved in their community.


For the immersion component, the Organizing Committee ensures the development of networking activities and festive evenings that are in line with the values ​​of the competition and allow participants to build relationships with their colleagues.This year, a partner's hall, a networking cocktail and two festive evenings will be waiting for the participants.


For the contribution component, the Organizing Committee wishes to promote community engagement within all universities. This year, the theme of the contribution component is the environment. The Organizing Committee thus challenges each of the 9 Universities to offer their time and / or knowledge to support an environmental cause in their community.

Sport Component

An essential component at HR Symposium, the sport chosen for the 2019 edition provides a fast-paced game allowing participants to showcase their athletic talents, their creativity and team cohesion. In order to allow Universities to start on the same footing, a non-traditional and relatively unknown sport was chosen. This year, at the GRH Symposium, the DBL Ball will be played. Each university is invited to form a mixed team and challenge other teams in the hopes of being crowned champions.

Health and safety are extremely important priorities for the sport component. This is why physiotherapists and other essential care will be available to athletes to ensure optimal support throughout the competition.